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Science Bulletins: Archived in Ice—Rescuing the Climate Record

Science Bulletins: Archived in Ice—Rescuing the Climate Record

Follow scientist-adventurer Lonnie Thompson to the 5670-meter-high Quelccaya ice cap in the Peruvian Andes. Thompson and his team from Ohio State University are racing to core a cylinder of...

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Climate Science Integrity Sinks To A Record Low

In this video I show how reports of the demise of sea ice being reported by the press are complete nonsense, and how badly climate scientists have failed with their Arctic predictions.

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Evaluating The Integrity Of Official Climate Records

Tony Heller of http://realclimatescience.com/ presents at the 34th Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, on July 9, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. Find Tony on Twitter at https://twitter.c...

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Climate Data Mysteries, Wonders, and Reality (April 2017)

Speaker: Thomas R. Karl, Independent Scholar and Past Director of the National Climatic Data Center - NOAA (1998-2015). Event 18 April, 2017 - sponsored by The Department of Earth, Atmospheric...

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Sunday Scrum: Liberals' climate record

Is this government failing to live up to its own billing as friend of the environment? To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4078468 »»» Subscribe to CBC News to watch more videos: http://bit.ly/1RreYW...

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Evaluating The Integrity Of Official Climate Records - Tony Heller DDP July 9th 2016

Tony Heller of realclimatescience.com presents at the 34th Annual Meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, on July 9, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska Most People Believe That Hot Weather Is...

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The Story of Climate Data

The 23rd Annual Kuehnast Lecture, \

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Are Climate Models And The Surface Temperature Record Credible?


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Climate Change - Global Warming or Global Cooling? What Does the Data Show? Dr. Don Easterbrook

Climate Change - Global Warming or Global Cooling? What does the original data show? Dr. Don Easterbrook - Senate Work Session (2013) - Slightly condensed Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor Emeritus...

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Climate Change Global Temperatures Plummet as BOM Australia Hides Away Data Capture (411)

Make Money Now Off Weather Predictions Here - https://tradegenius.co/go/ref/23 New record cold temperature set in Goulburn Airport in Australia, @ -10.4C which broke the all time record,...

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Davos WEF Record Snow Elites Paralyzed, Climate Groups Shiver (517)

Elite heading to Davos for the World Economic Forum have been hampered by record snow blanketing the area from Zermatt to Davos. Although CO2 is supposed to cause global warming they have flown...

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Climate - The Data And Fact Free Science

With the US facing record cold and snow, Newsweek published an article this week predicting the end of White Christmases. The data shows the exact opposite.

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Pollen Fossils Reveal Past Climate

Rice Univ. researchers performed an examination of the first detailed climate record from the continental shelves of Antarctica reveals that the last bit of Antarctic vegetation existed in...

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11,300-Year Climate Record Highlights Recent Warming Pulse

A new Science paper by researchers at Oregon State and Harvard creates a new record of Earth's temperatures through the Holocene -- the warm span since the last ice age ended. In this interview,...

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August Breaks Another Heat Record, Still No Climate Change Action From USA

The month of August has once again topped the temperature charts, but the United States is still doing virtually nothing to stop the threat of climate change. SUBSCRIBE to Ring Of Fire: https://www...

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GSM Update 4/2/18 - Record Easter SnowSlam - Canada Record Cold - Global Temps Dropping

Record snowfall forecast for April Fool's Day http://cbs4indy.com/2018/04/01/record-snowfall-forecast-for-april-fools-day/ Spring snow moving from Plains to Northeast -- with cold to follow...

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Climate Scientists Wanting To Make Record Cold Even Colder

With the US and Canada experiencing a near record cold January, climate scientists and Democratic politicians are pushing ahead with plans to pollute the atmosphere to block sunlight - and...

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Elite PANIC As Record Low Temperatures Expose Climate Change Hoax

The Event Is Coming Soon - Elite PANIC As Record Low Temperatures Expose Climate Change Hoax Record low temperatures across the globe have been revealed in shocking new Climate Change data...

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What Does Record-High Antarctic Sea Ice Say About Climate Change? | Video

Record lows in sea ice have been recently recorded in the Arctic but ice around the opposite pole of the planet is on the rise. This is probably not due to climate stabilization: The rate of...

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Voyager Reawakens, Arctic Turns Icy and Extreme Climate Norms (566)

Voyager 1 spacecraft awakens after 37 years the same day that the Chinese space station plunges to Earth. Arctic Sea Ice is above 2006 & 2007 Levels and the Arctic is refreezing as the Arctic...

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Climate Change: Global Temperature Data

The global temperature data sets are for real https://tamino.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/people-of-the-land/

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How The Climate Mafia Corrupted The Surface, Radiosonde And Now Satellite Data

This video shows how surface, balloon and now satellite temperatures have ben sequentially corrupted to comply with requirements of the global warming scam. Note : There is an error in the...

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Kevin Anderson on Ireland's Climate change record

A presentation from world renowned climate scientist Kevin Anderson on Ireland's climate change record and targets. Kevin made this to support Brid Smith's Climate Emergency measures Bill .Climate...

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NOAA: An Independent Record: Measuring climate change without thermometers

More: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/news/independent-evidence-confirms-global-warming-instrument-record.

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Trump: \

POTUS comments on record colds, advises \

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Trippcore - Get Up [Climate Records]

Trippcore - Get Up || Climate Records || HD || Subscribe || Join http://www.facebook.com/MrDUBandBASS || Climate Records are back, this time teaming up with Spanish artist Trippcore and MC...

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Climate Data: Where Did the Hot Years Go? (S1) Ep. 122

Please remember to subscribe to Ice Age 2050 and click the bell! https://www.youtube.com/c/iceage2050 Our YouTube (SUBSCRIBE HERE) https:// www.youtube.com/c/iceage2050 Our Twitter: https://twitt...

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NASA Sees Temperatures Rise and Sea Ice Shrink - Climate Trends 2016

Two key climate change indicators have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and satellite data. Each of the first...

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Bob Inglis: We Are All on the Record, on Climate Change

Bob Inglis' final statement to congress after he lost his re-election bid in 2010. He was turned out largely because he defended the scientific understanding of global climate change.

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GSM Update 11/14/17 - Atmospheric River - Record Snow Cover - Climate Nonsense - Yellowstone BOOM

A roaring \

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